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TCTS professional and experienced staff can assist you with evaluating and determining the most appropriate services for your child.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy is a health profession, providing expertise in both mental and physical health, that utilizes the application of purposeful, goal-directed intervention in the assessment and treatment of persons with developmental and/or acquired disabilities.

Occupational therapy evaluates and provides intervention to enable participation in daily routines related to one's life roles and occupations. For children, these include self-care, play and leisure skills, social participation, school, work and volunteer services.

According to the American Association of Occupational Therapy's Distinct Value Children and Youth Family Engagement paper, occupational therapists work with families and educators to help children achieve meaningful goals by:

> Enhancing growth and development
> Promoting inclusive environments
> Strengthening child-family bonds
> Increasing family engagement and participation in daily routines
> Improving academic skills
> Building play and leisure skills
> Preparing children and families for transitions to, and through, the education pathway toward college and careers

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is a health profession whose primary purpose is the promotion of optimal human health and function through application of scientific principles to prevent, identify, assess, correct or alleviate acute or prolonged movement dysfunction. Physical therapy evaluates and provides intervention in areas such as:

> Gross motor functioning
> Body coordination
> Mobility in the home and community
> Adaptive equipment needs
> Adolescent sports injuries
> Pediatric orthopedics
> Safety and prevention
> Adaptive play

Speech Therapy
Speech therapy is a health profession that helps a person improve his or her ability to communicate, eat, drink and swallow. Speech therapy evaluates and provides intervention in areas such as:

> Speech/articulation skills
> Language skills
> Oral-motor skills
> Cognitive or thinking skills
> Mealtime skills
> Social skills