Services We Provide

In this section you'll find information about who we help, what we do and how we work. Use the links in the body text, or in the green shaded box to learn more about each of these sections of content.

First and foremost, we help children. This is what we do and it is our reason for existence. But we also help parents, caregivers and educators who must provide love, care and guidance to children in need of our services.

Trinitas Children's Therapy Services does this by providing a full range of services to children that include occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.

We work with our clients in school-based programs, in programs conducted at our Springfield, NJ location, and at workshops and seminars we conduct at a variety of locations throughout our service area.

By providing services to children and those around them who care for them and educate them we believe children are best served by this comprehensive approach.