Children's Therapy Services

Kevin Nelson, Occupational Therapist
Kevin's been working with my kids for almost five years. Every week, they look forward to seeing him. He engages my daughters with positive energy and great activities. Even when things are difficult for them, he gently encourages and makes them feel so special when they achieve their goals. He is always thinking of new ways to help the girls. He takes his time with giving feedback. You can tell, really loves the kids and what he does. I've seen amazing changes over the years with my kids. Kevin has fabulous instincts and is really incredible with children and parents.
--Terrine, Fanwood

Kevin consistently goes above and beyond for us. He is constantly trying to find new strategies and resources to help Ryan. His warmth and caring demeanor always put us at ease. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone seeing out an occupational therapist.
--Laura, Westfield


"Kevin and his staff are amazing! We are so glad we switched our case to Trinitas. Jonathan is doing great!"

"My son was taught how to ride his bike. It was a wonderful experience on something that caused a lot of frustration. The therapist was wonderful, patient, and extremely warm and welcoming to my son. He made a very stressful situation a great time and my son loved it!"

"Our son David is riding his bike with no training wheels! It is something we thought weíd never see? Benís program is unbelievable. It took less than 2 lessons. David rides almost everyday and best of all heís out there with the other kids in the neighborhood. We are so happy and thankful for your bike program."

"Mr. Ben - my children loved him."

"Hi Kevin! My friend is interested in speech therapy and I told her how happy I was with the programs my children have received at Trinitas and I am guessing your speech services are nothing but great also! I gave her your number. Thanks so much for all your help!"

"Good morning, I was going to drop you and Ben an email. My son has not stopped smiling, (and) Iím also smiling, too. This was a major accomplishment. For Stefan with (his) Aspergerís. I will ask Stefan again if he would like to see Ben again for one small session on bike riding just to reinforce himself. Iím sure he will say yes as when we got into my car, the first thing he said is when will I see Ben again and can I come back. Ben mentioned to me about maybe teaching Baseball skills etc? so maybe I will talk to him about that as well. I will send him an email too. Set up a follow up for the bike riding and go from there."

"(Weíre) looking forward to working with all of you again soon. Thanks again and have a great day because you made a kid very happy in Elizabeth today! Iíll send you a picture of what I caught on my cell phone."

"My son received top notch, professional care from the minute we met Carole at a Healthfair until Jami discharged him. He still misses going (it has been about 7 months). Jami helped me with so much as far as OT skills to teach and work with Jude at home and to share with his teachers. Jami was always there to lend an ear as well. She was more than willing to speak with the teachers at school. A++++ for Jami. Kevin was perfect for evaluation when I had no clue which way to go. And from the beginning when Jude and I met Carole at a Healthfair, (they) immediately took a liking to one another and she helped steer me in the right direction. I would and have recommended Trinitas Therapy Center in a heartbeat. Thank you to all of you for making Aspergerís an easier issue to deal with."

"It was a very good beginningÖErik never would have gotten on a bike without the help and expertise Ben gave him. When we tried to practice the next day, his confidence was gone and he wouldnít cooperate, but I convinced him to try again so Ben would be able to go the next step with him. Now heís able to ride in a straight line on level ground by himself. Last night when I got home from work he asked me when we were going to practice. Heís hoping he can learn to turn with Ben next week but he wonít try it on his own. Thanks to you and Ben for taking this on despite his age and size. Heís very stubborn with us, his parents, and itís exactly what he needed to turn the corner and get some confidence."

"I was amazed at Benís ability to guide my 17 year old son into getting over his fear of riding. It wouldnít have happened without him and itís opened new doors for my son who has Aspergerís Syndrome."

"We and our son thoroughly enjoy the professionalism, courtesy with which we are treated. Aidan has shown great progress and really enjoys the program."

"This is our second year of Scribbles to Script and I have been very pleased with the staff and therapists here. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication."

"All the therapists are very friendly."

"My daughter had an enjoyable time with the class and weíre contemplating signing up for another."

"We are speechless because of the improvements in our sonís penmanship and confidence. We cannot thank the staff enough for their dedication and investments! (Thanks to) Kevin for helping us with the funding for camp, (and to) Ben and Ann for pushing our son in the most positive manner."

"We really have seen improvements in our childís progress. This has been a very positive experience for her."

"This (Social Butterflies) was a great program. I wish there were more activities or instruction provided for us to follow at home".

"Sports Readiness was a wonderful program. My son improved his skills tremendously and was then able to participate in our town T-Ball League! Ben Lipman, PT, is the best PT my son has ever had. He enjoyed his therapy appointments".

"(My son) is going to miss (Kevin) very much. He is awesome!"

"(We had a) wonderful experience! My son just finished after three years. Thank you again Ann."

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