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Our List Of Programs

Trinitas Children’s Therapy Services is offering an extensive array of non-competitive developmental and recreational programs, and camps. These small intimate programs are organized and implemented by trained professionals specializing in pediatrics and pediatric development. These camps are individualized to each particular child’s needs and skill level, and foster success through positive feedback and encouragement. Following the completion of each program every child leaves with a certificate of achievement and a newfound feeling of self-confidence.

Center-Based Programs
Trinitas Children’s Therapy Services is now pleased to offer an extensive array of developmental programs throughout the calendar year. Please call for dates and times.

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- Scribbles to Script
Children learn proper letter formation and positive writing habits using games and activities following a multi-sensory approach.



- Fine Motor Fun
Children develop fine motor skills and better tactile awareness by participating in games, activities, and arts and crafts requiring the use of the small intrinsic muscles of their hands and fingers.



- Gross Motor Movement Groups
Children develop fitness, strength, and gross motor skills by participating in games and activities requiring the use of their large core muscles.



- Social Skills Groups
Children develop many skills, including turn-taking, sharing, following directions, and providing and accepting praise, by participating in group activities and games.



- Mommy/Baby Groups
Children ages 0 � develop basic gross and fine motor coordination, social interaction, shape and color recognition, language acquisition, and following directions, while participating in games and activities
enjoyed together in a fun and stimulating environment.



- Sensory-Motor Groups
Children develop gross motor skills, body coordination, motor planning, and sensory awareness by participating in games with a sensory-motor basis.



- Music & Movement Groups
Children develop fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, motor planning and pre-writing skills (shapes, colors, letters, numbers, patterns) by participating in games and activities incorporating
music and movement. Groups are run by an Occupational Therapist and a Registered and Advanced Certified Music Therapist from One Love Therapy.



- Infant Massage
Children (ages 0-2) and parent develop invaluable Interaction and bonding by participating in relaxing, relieving, and stimulating massage.



- Yoga Groups
Children develop physical strength, flexibility, breathing, self-calming, and concentration and focus by participating in interactive yoga postures and exercises. Groups are run by an Occupational
Therapist and YSC (Yoga for the Special Child) Certified and Licensed Practitioner from One Love Therapy.



- Fun Fitness for Kids
Children develop physical fitness by participating in activities to improve their cardiovascular system, and increase their strength, endurance, flexibility, and self-confidence.


Recreational Programs
Trinitas Children’s Therapy Services is now pleased to offer an extensive array of recreational programs and camps. These programs are designed to increase your child’s physical motor skills, motor planning, coordination, attention span and focus, and social skills- i.e. turn-taking, following directions, sharing, socialization. Please call for dates and times.
























Summer Camps


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